Elizabeth writes in many different genres, including fiction, non-fiction, creative non-fiction, poetry, and literary criticism. However, she primarily works as an environmental and wildlife journalist. You can read samples of her published work on this page.

Bush beat: An unarmed anti-poaching unit is shaking up South Africa’s war on wildlife crime

See that? Over there?” Carol Khosa asks. The sun catches the glint of a plastic water bottle tucked beneath the dried bark of a leadwood tree. To an untrained eye, it’s easy to overlook – an irresponsible tourist might have tossed the bottle while riding through the reserve on a game drive in an open-topped Land Rover. Khosa, a member of the Black Mamba Anti-Poaching Unit, steps forward in her army fatigue uniform and combat boots. She pushes aside a few [...]

In ocean biodiversity hotspots, microplastics come with the currents

A microplastic is a tiny speck of a thing. At its largest, it’s about the size of a linseed, but smaller microplastics can’t be seen with the naked eye. Minuscule as they are, huge quantities of these particles are gushing into the ocean, and they’re almost certainly causing damage to delicate marine ecosystems, experts say. A new report published in Science reveals the roving trajectory of microplastics after they enter the ocean. While some microplastics, like flecks of polystyrene, may float [...]

Closed-Loop Cuisine

Danny Colls grabs a small compostable cup from the shelf behind the dining bar. Inside is a wad of cling wrap, a lollipop stick, a rubber band, a pen spring and a bottle cap. “You’d be surprised what people leave on tables,” says Colls, Silo’s co-owner. More surprising is that this is the only waste accumulated by the busy inner-city café in a week. There are no trashcans. No piles of plastic packaging or cardboard containers. No discarded food [...]

In the Horn of Africa, conflict and illegal trade create a ‘cheetah hell’

The 8-week-old cheetah cubs should have been with their mother. Instead, they were penned up in a small village near Erigavo, Somaliland, after a group of nomadic livestock farmers chased the mother away and captured the cubs from a nearby cave. “There were actually three [cubs],” Asma Bileh, a Somaliland veterinarian for the Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF), told Mongabay. “One died immediately … so they brought back two of them into their houses. They were keeping them for a [...]

Rescue Goat With Anxiety Only Calms Down In Her Duck Costume

It all started when Leanne Lauricella went shopping at Marshalls before Halloween. She was browsing the aisles when something caught her eye — a child's duck costume, complete with a big orange bill and two webbed feet. Lauricella runs a goat rescue group called Goats of Anarchy in New Jersey. She thought the duck costume would look cute on her baby goats, especially the newest rescue goat named Polly. So she bought the costume and took it home, not thinking too [...]

Coyote Hound Hunts and Wolf Wars

Rod Coronado hit the brakes, bringing his Toyota pickup to a halt on the snow-covered road. He opened his door—ignition beeping—and crunched his boots onto the snow. His travel companion, a 37-year-old Wisconsin woman named Keri Lewis, jumped out the back of the dual cab to follow. Together they studied the snow for what they’d spotted from the truck: large, wide paw prints with distinct claw marks: large inner toes and splayed outer toes. “Wolf tracks,” Coronado said, placing [...]

For tool-wielding chimps of Ebo Forest, logging plan is a ‘death sentence’

Fifteen years ago, Ekwoge Abwe was trekking through Ebo Forest in Cameroon when he heard something cracking in the distance. He scanned the forest, searching for the source of the sound. “One of my local assistants said, ‘Those are chimpanzees cracking nuts,’” Abwe, a biologist, postdoctoral fellow at San Diego Zoo Global and manager of the Ebo Forest Research Project, told Mongabay. “I said, ‘How do you know that?’” They traveled toward the noise. Then Abwe gazed up at [...]

The first modern-day marine fish has officially gone extinct. More may follow

There is only one photo of the smooth handfish: an image of a withered, yellowing specimen with pectoral fins that extend like arms, and a triangular crest attached to the top of its head. Sometime between 1800 and 1804, French zoologist François Péron plucked this fish out of the ocean while voyaging through Australia, presumably in the shallow coastal waters of southeastern Tasmania. Since then, no other smooth handfish (Sympterichthys unipennis) has ever been spotted, and the fish that [...]

Into the Green

After barreling over a gravel road for about an hour, we park up in the lee of some leatherwood trees. My pulse quickens as I leap out to gather my gear; we have officially entered the Tarkine. From here, we’ll walk 40 minutes to Tiger Ridge, the basecamp for Tasmania’s multi-day rainforest walk. At the time of writing there is one open- cut iron-ore mine and around 30 exploration licences active in this mineral-rich region, which is also the [...]

People Are Killing Entire Families Of Snakes In Cruel ‘Contest’

Jo-Anne McArthur has never forgotten the sound of rattlesnakes trapped inside a killing pit in Sweetwater, Texas. It was 2015, and she was attending the city's annual rattlesnake roundup festival, where thousands of rattlesnakes are kept in tiny pits inside an arena, then brutally slaughtered in front of the public. People talked and kids screamed - but the snakes rattling their tails seemed to be the loudest sound out of everything. "When they're in the pits, one on top of [...]

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